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Dear Ladies and gentlemen!

We are glad to welcome you on our site.

The basic activity of our company is granting a full complex of services in the market of rent of the inhabited and commercial real estate.

Company "Russian House" is a team of high quality experts-professionals with wide experience of the work, rendering really qualitative services learning all of a subtlety, nuances, "reefs" in the market of the real estate. High qualification of experts of the company is provided with constant system of training and improvement of professional skill of employers, as in the Training Center, and taking part in various rates and the seminars, devoted to pressing questions of the market of the real estate.

We are ready to give on a regular basis to you the information on tendencies of development of the market of the real estate, occurrence of new interesting objects and services in the market of the inhabited and uninhabited real estate of Moscow and area.

We shall offer our plans of calculations on your consideration.

Safety of transactions is provided in the company owing to careful legal examination of all documents, professional technologies and experience of experts.

Confidentiality of any data on clients and transactions made by them - our rule

Extensive and various advertising in paid and free-of-charge newspapers, political and specialized editions, electronic mass media (Internet) may spend an effective advertising campaign. Laborious daily work and the debugged supply with information, allows experts of ours, firm to receive the freshest and fullest information on the market of habitation for this reason in our company to you will help to make the best choice, professionally and as much as possible having protected your interests. We propagandize the individual relation to each client and uniqueness of any transaction to know interests of all participants of the transaction and all its nuances. The respect, attention for the client, to its problems, wishes, insistence to itself, the work, literacy in carrying out of transactions and in legal issues distinguish representatives of our collective, provide its reliable work and high quality of services. Huge practical experience of employers, their sincere heat and desire to help reach mutual understanding everyone, even the most exacting, client.

The basic parameter of quality of our work is satisfaction of clients. Opinion of clients on our ability completely to satisfy their requirements for services is a determinative for formation of our image as reliable valuable partner and, accordingly, for our success in the market. For us the main reference points in work always were and there is reliability and conscientiousness in relations with clients and partners on business. And, certainly, as the best estimation of high quality and reliability of our work recommendations of our clients serve, to the relatives, the friends familiar.

Clients are the main value of our company. We are grateful to consumers for using our services. Proceeding from it, we assume liability - to raise quality of our work constantly.

With the purpose of improvement of quality of given services in our company there is a control service, behind quality of servicing.

We shall be glad, if you will write wishes and offers on improvement of work of our company, and also the remark and gratitude to address of concrete employers. If you have remained are dissatisfied with work of our employees, or you have any wishes - you always have an opportunity to send us the message. We guarantee you do not remain without attention and within 24 hours, if necessary, with you our expert from control service of quality will communicate. All responses will be necessarily examined by a company .We will do all work.

Your opinion is more important for us.

If you wish to rent the apartment, office, a cottage - leave the application for a site or call by phone (495) 798-32-17 in a dispatching department of rent.

105064, Russia, Moscow, Furmanny per., 10/1

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