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If it is necessary for you to rent an apartment in Moscow – take advantage of services offered by us. The agency the Russian House gives a wide spectrum of the services connected with rent of apartments in Moscow. You will be placed in stylish and comfortable apartments of the European class in city centre, or in prestigious inhabited complexes.

The house of a business class is the difficult complex including not only premises, but also various infrastructural objects. In fact the modern complex has a standard set of shops, dry-cleaners, beauty salons, fitness - the centers, etc.

It is by all means fenced territory with landscape design, the facade of the house has decorative furnish, the infrastructure is presented high-quality completing lifts, water the sanitary technician, a double-glazed window. Presence of a children's playground near house, protection, etc.

The area of room is made with 50-60 Metres. Price is from 2-4 thousand dollars, two-room – 80-100 Metres., average cost 4-7 thousand dollars.

In the market of rent business – to a class is carried with apartments which under those or other characteristics do not get in the category of elite habitation more often: a geographical arrangement outside the Garden less convenient lay-out, the smaller area, insufficient quantity parking places, a high level of a deterioration of communications. Thus good specific characteristics and original architecture in times increase demand for similar apartments. The business class is presented by two types of habitation are "dot" new buildings in various areas constructed for last ten years, and the houses of Soviet "elite" which are not so not holding out today up to the elite status. First of all it is a question of the well-known "Stalin" houses located in historically attractive areas: the Patriarchal ponds and Arbat, the Frunze quay and Yakimanka. However, and on distance from the center there are places the most attractive: Such complexes, as "Triumph-oriental carpet", " Scarlett sails ", "mountains Vorobevy", " Gold keys ", "Crown" are most known. Hear carry also so-called "tsekovsky" the brick houses located on Barrikadnya Spiridonovka, in region Sherymushky.

Prestigious areas the Airport, the Falcon, University,Kutuzovsky and Lenin prospecties are considered also.

All this – objects of a so-called business class, which share in total amount of the offer of the Moscow apartments today makes 25 %.

The real estate elite, apartments of a high class, habitation for good clients – so today refers to the most expensive segment in the market of the real estate – elite.

The elite real estate in Moscow is the advanced technologies and the advanced building materials.

Today the elite real estate is not easier arrangement in prestigious area of Moscow and high cost of square meter of habitation, this habitation of the highest class on quality of construction performance of furnish, it is a beautiful kind from a window comfort. Carried out research of the apartments offered in rent in the market of the real estate, we have made the list of "obligatory" components for elite habitation:

First of all it certainly the type of the house is there can be a club house or the pre-revolutionary restored private residence, living commnual business – a class or a flat of the Soviet epoch; not less significant role the geographical site – plays important convenient arrangement in the central areas;

One of making factors the area – from 200-300 Metres of internal space;

It is by all means accepted to consider a question of protection and safety – the fenced territory with the round-the-clock control over visitors, system of video observation behind territory, the genera system of the safety, protected parking place or underground garage;

The key moment in definition of elite apartment an interior – the individual design-project, the sustained style of apartments, be it an empire style or hi-tech, with use of high-quality finishing materials, modern exclusive furniture; It is necessary to pay attention and to a hardware – individual system of heating and air-conditioning, the high-speed Internet and satellite TV; presence of own infrastructure in the form of - zones of rest and a children's playground, a supermarket, fitness-hall, pool will give conclusive advantage, before similar apartments.

Average cost of rent of the given apartments is being within the limits of from 8000 $ up to 20000 $, though they are exceptions and up to 30 000 $.

The areas are the most demanded in elite sector – Arbat, Ostozhenka, Plyuschikha, the Patriarchal ponds.

Offers on rent of a class business and elites obviously advance demand. More often the basic clients expensive apartments become top-managers, the large Russian and foreign companies business interests having in Moscow, and also solvent Russians, for which rent of an elite apartment – an intermediate variant for the period of search of constant habitation.

If you wish to rent the apartment, office – leave the application for a site or call by phone (495) 798-32-17 in a dispatching department of rent.

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